Alder Cass

Multimedia Developer

Elevation Photography Workshops 2015

Elevation Photography Workshops

A StudioForty9 project, Elevation.ie is a responsive Magento website. I was responsible for the full Magento build including all heavily custom front-end work. The site offers the full E-commerce experience across all devices.

Dubarry 2014


A StudioForty9 project, DubarryBoots.com is a responsive Magento website. I was responsible for the overall design and front-end theming, with Alan Morkan as the Magento technical lead. The site offers the full E-commerce experience across all devices.

Caseys Furniture 2014

Caseys Furniture

A StudioForty9 project, Caseys.ie is a responsive Magento website. I was responsible for the full Magento build and am currently the technical lead on ongoing work on the website where we are continuously improving the user experience. The site offers the full E-commerce experience across all devices.

CIT Arts Trail 2013

CIT Arts Trail

"Arts Trail" was a 2013 exhibitions series from the graduates of Multimedia, Visual Communications, Architectural Technology, Interior Architecture, Fine Arts and Ceramic Design. I designed and built the website as a long vertical one-pager using the branding provided by the 3 departments involved. The site was shortlisted for the 2013 IDI Awards.

Night Life 2012

Night Life

My Bachelor project, Night Life, was a collaborative animation project where we crowdsourced paintings of space using the project website, which were then used as the backgrounds in our animated film, Night Life, about the adventures of two young alien characters through space. Working with Ken Kidney, Robert McGrath and Mitchell Galavan, I built the website and interactivity (HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP, MySQL), as well as the dynamic video playback, and also had a part in animating some of the scenes (finding Earth, the rooster, and the child).

I AM 2012

I AM Exhibition

I AM is the graduate exhibition of my own graduating Multimedia year of 2012, as well as graduating Visual Communications of the same year, from the Cork Institute of Technology. On the branding committee, I designed and built the website and promotional video, with branding by Katie O'Sullivan, Leyla Bulmer, Kieran Rigby and Marius Stepsys. The website makes use of jQuery and AJAX for page transitions and animations, though the website is still fully functional with JavaScript disabled.

Thinksaurus 2011/2012


Thinksaurus was an animation/information design project, in which I was to conceptualise a product or service for use as a creativity and ideation aid. The visual assets were created in Adobe Illustrator and animated in Adobe Flash. The idea, adapted to a smartphone app concept, went on to be a finalist in the Cork Institute of Technology's "APPrentice" app competition.

Cistin 2011/2012


Cistin (Irish for kitchen) is a Business Innovation project which I worked on with Ken Kidney, Hazel O'Keeffe and Clemens Anzmann, where we created a business plan for an electronic kitchen inventory system. The project was a finalist in the 2012 CIT Prize for Innovation, where we pitched the concept to business professionals and presented a stand showcasing the idea. My main role in the project was branding and poster design.

DayDisplay 2011

Day Display

Day Display was a project in association with the COPE Foundation for the Leonardo Da Vinci Program VET4D Project. Teamed with Matthew Corbett, Robert McGrath and Ray Flanagan, our brief was to create a digital timekeeping and scheduling solution for people with learning disabilities. Working with the Doras training centre, my role was the programming of the website and app, which went on to be presented at the project's 4th Action Meeting in the Czech Republic.

The Short Arm of the Law 2010

The Short Arm of the Law

"The Short Arm of the Law" is a short animated film. Working with Ken Kidney and Matthew Corbett, the animation was produced in Adobe Flash with graphics created in Adobe Illustrator, and shows the story of a typical night out for a baby police officer. I was responsible for the character design and character animation, and I also voiced the baby.

WildCard 2010


WildCard is an interactive card game project by myself and Ken Kidney. The brief was to devise a new card game and implement a screen-based version in both HTML/JavaScript and ActionScript 3.0, from scratch, with graphics of our own. My job was to build the ActionScript version in Flash, which can be played by clicking on any of the above images.